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Friday, June 24th, 2011

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About Parboiled Rice from Jharkhand Parboiled rice is nothing other than the rice, which has undergone the process of parboiling. It is a naturally delicious food with complex carbohydrates and low g

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Our core product is Parboiled rice- short, medium and long grain. The by-products are Rice-Bran and Husk. We deliver rice in our registered brands. In addition, we also consider customizing and delivering rice as per customer’s desired specifications in their desired packing brand and size.

1.Long Grain Parboiled Rice (IR)

Brand: Rajaji

Packaging size: 25kg

Attributes: long grain size, double silk polish, full sortex, no broken


2. Medium Grain Parboiled Rice (IR)

Brand: Yuvraj

Packaging size: 25kg

Attributes: Medium grain size, double silk polish, full sortex, no broken


3. Short Grain Parboiled Rice (Swarna Mansoori/BPT)

Brand: Rajshree

Packaging size: 25kg

Attributes: Short grain size, double silk polish, full sortex, no broken


4. Brown parboiled rice

Brand: None

Packaging size:

Attributes: Unpolished rice


4. Broken Parboiled Rice

Brand: None

Packaging size: 50kg

Attributes: Sortex/non-sortex


5. Rice Bran




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Tel: 0651 - 2212178.

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